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Trading is one of the most profitable lifestyles and have the power to turn your life around.

The problem is: not everyone understands how trading works or how to perform it the right way.

Thanks to the internet; it has brought the world closer and trading has become something that even a college dropout can master easily and make a life out of it that’s worth living.

However, the problem is; the internet is full of outdated information.

You don’t know which course you’re doing on trading is going to lead you to success.

Many courses that are available on the trading subject are unrealistic too.

In other words, they are not backed by realistic, data-driven studies.

They are either superficial or are just based on one person’s experience and failures.

Although these courses can teach you basics about trading; they cannot help you to go beyond that level. You have to struggle and give at least 5-7 years of your time to achieve a pro level.

I am here to change that.

Learn from One of the Best Traders in France

Get Full Insight on Trading and Stock Market in French from a Master Level Trader

Hi, I’m Alex.

I have been teaching people how to trade successfully for over X years. And I am a successful trader/investor myself for decades. The reason why I chose to create a course for it is this:

I realized that there is no data-driven course on trading, which has become an active style for people who are looking to make profits from financial markets.

Most of the courses I see on the internet are based on experience and personal knowledge.

Of course, my course has its own personality as well, but it also includes real world cases studies that help you understand how you can achieve that kind of results on your own.

In other words; my course combines the personal knowledge and experience of myself and of other successful traders who have made a successful living out of it and are millionaires.

This is something that most courses lack today. And that is why you have to give a lot of time on research, study material and trials and errors to actually become a successful trader.

My course changes that. It helps you grasp every bit of knowledge and experience you need to know so you can start making profits from the very first day of your trading lifestyle.

And I guarantee that you will learn a lot of practical knowledge from it that is proven to work.

Introducing Earning Your First Trades

An Easy to Digest Online Course Designed Just for Trading Enthusiasts

Earning Your First Trades is a course that’s a bit different from what you will find on the internet. It not only teaches you how to trade well and earn profits instead of getting loses; it also gives you the knowledge on real, data-driven stock market study that you need to advance.

This course is designed with versatility. In other words, its practices are universal. No matter where you currently stand in trades, what region you’re from or how old you are; you can apply the knowledge that this course has and get the results you need to achieve success in trading.

The course covers everything you need to know to build a strong foundation of the stock market. It also teaches you how to develop an effective and proven strategy that can give you a massive boost in winning trades. With this course, you will not only increase your productivity to an unimaginable class; you will see a drastic and promising change in results as well.

I’m Interested. But What is Included?

This course is perfect for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader; I guarantee that you will learn something new, something practical and something useful.

Here’s what is included in the course:

  • The Building Blocks of Stock Market
  • Practical and Experienced Based Knowledge on Trading
  • Becoming Independent in Financial Market and Staying Safe
  • Understanding and Mastering Technical Analysis of Trades
  • Mastering the Decision-Making Skills to Know When to Buy or Sell
  • Making Capital Gains from the Start and Becoming an ‘Ace’ in Trades
  • Winning and Multiplying Your Portfolio by Building a Foolproof Strategy
  • Reducing Risks While Increasing Profits Simultaneously

And much is more is to come in the later updates.

Here’s What Our Students Have to Say about This Course

You don’t have to trust my words for what this course is capable of. It wouldn’t be smart.

Have a look at what my students have to say about this course. You will be shocked to see that my students are diverse in age, location and profession but are getting the same results!

Je souhaitais gagner de l’argent avec la bourse et ce que tu m’as apporté m’a permis de faire des gains et de faire grandir mon capital. Merci beaucoup pour cette formation.

Benjamin R.
Benjamin R.

Formation au top ! Très pédagogique, on peut revenir sur les points que l'on à pas compris tout de suite. Et ça marche !

Vincent T.
Vincent T.

Vous donnez des bases solides, maintenant je me sens beaucoup plus alaise quand je me retrouve devant un graphique. En tout cas, indispensable ! Merci pour tout.

Nicola P.
Nicola P.

Je recommande, simple, pratique, et passionnant ! Merci Alex 🙂

Luciano F.
Luciano F.

De nombreux cas 'réels' permettant d'appuyer les cours qui sont donnés. Merci pour ton aide. Tout est bien expliqué rien à dire.

Darius S.
Darius S.

C’est une très bonne formation que je recommande à toutes les personnes qui souhaitent acquérir de bonnes bases.

Edouard Y.
Edouard Y.

This Course is Packed with 90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Still having doubts? I understand why. And I believe that it’s not your fault.

The internet is full of untrusted and unethical people. This goes without saying that their courses or programs have the same class as their personality. This is why I respect your thinking.

However, to ensure you that I am not one of them; I have packed this course with 90 Days Money Back Guarantee. In other words, if you can prove to me that this course doesn’t work for you and haven’t given you the results, I will give you a full-refund without asking any questions.

And you have 3 months to claim the refund. But, you will be the first one ever to claim it.

Get Instant Access Today

Payment is Backed with SSL and Refund Guarantee

To make sure that everyone can afford my program, I have divided the fee into three plans.
But, no matter what plan you choose, you get instant access to the course. So, be worry free!

Become An Independent Trader


    Our brain remembers and understands visual information better than anything else. This is why my course is comprised of video lessons featuring myself as your trading mentor.


    To ensure that the knowledge and practices in the course are applicable to the changing market; the course gets updated with new materials and video lessons. Don’t worry. It’s free of charge.


    This course includes ethics and practices that are applicable no matter what budget you’re starting from. I call it ‘Smart Investments’. No matter where you start from, you can make profits.


    Need to know something about the course? Is it something you do not understand and wish to connect directly with me? The technical support is open for you 24/7!

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions about This Course

  • How Do I Access the Training?

    After going through the payment process, you receive an access code directly to your email address that you gave to us in the start. You also receive a link to the site that is reserved for members only. This site area is available to you for life and you can access it anytime.

  • Is It Complicated to Apply the Course in Practical Life?

    Absolutely NOT. The training is designed to be simple and effective at the same time. Every bit of knowledge that is available in the course is easy to digest and is made for practical use. You will have no trouble in applying the tips, tactics and techniques explained in the videos.

  • Is It Required to Have Stock Market Knowledge?

    Not necessarily. This course is built so that you do not miss out on important things. This includes basics of stock market and trading. In other words, it is not necessary for you to have knowledge on stock market. You can start from scratch and can still become a pro in trading.

  • Is the Training Really Effective?

    Yes. I have no doubt about it and neither do my students. I teach you everything you need to know about stock market. However, you have to implement my teachings on your own. If you apply the knowledge of this course with determination and the hunger for success, I am certain that you will get the results you are looking for.

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